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9/9/18: We're working on securing a sponsor for the 2019 session for both the house and senate and getting our whip count. Ask your legislator to Sign the pledge!

YOU CAN HELP! Set up meetings with and talk to your three legislators, get to know them, tell them that the issue of big money and ending the campaign industrial complex is important to you and why. Ask if they'll sponsor the bill for the 2019 session. Having trouble getting a meeting with them? Go to their party meetings and fundraisers.


  1. If you don't know already, find out who your three legislators are (legislative not congressional)

  2. Call and/or e-mail each of them, tell them to please help pass the Free And Fair Elections Memorial. Tell them campaign finance reform is very important to you, we all have our own stories as to why.
    Tip: If you use the e-mail form on the legislature site, it will flag you as a constituent and the legislature will be sure to get it!

  3. Sign up to the Google Group or Wolf PAC national to get e-mail updates or check back here.


More Resources

Assembly of State Legislators rules for a convention (PDF)

Department of Justice Report on Article V (PDF)

Rep. Magendanz (R) 2016 House floor

Rep. Reykdal (D) 2016 House floor

Rep. (now Senator) Sam Hunt (D) 2016 House floor

Former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia asking for an Article V convention of the states

On runaway concerns:

The following should alleviate any runaway concerns, though if there's something we failed to address, plese let us know.

  • Article V allows for a convention to propose amendments, nothing more.  There is negligible danger to the existing constitution using this process.

  • There are at least four ways a convention would be limited:

    • The convention is still bound by the American Justice system, so courts would bring to heel any attempts to widen its scope

    • In calling the convention, Congress would pass legislation stating that a convention is going to take place in “this city,” on “these dates,” and “on this topic.”

    • States have the authority to recall, replace and even prosecute delegates who don't stay on topic

    • Anything proposed still needs to be approved by 75% of the states. -That means it would have to have broad, cross-partisan support.

  • The Assembly of state legislatures wrote up the rules for a convention last summer, they are strict. (http://wawolfpac.org/ASLRulesforCoS.pdf).
  • The call to convention and text of the bill is specific in its topic and selection of delegates, they cannot have served in congress and state legislators choose them. Over 700 bills have been passed of this nature, but because none of them were on the same topic, a convention has never been called. It would not be "open-ended". Don't take my word for it, the Department of Justice itself has come to this conclusion (http://wawolfpac.org/DoJonArticleV.pdf).

  • A convention of the states has not occurred because Congress has stepped up before the threshold was reached, it is likely this is what will happen, but it took calls to convention just like this one to get them to act. The concerns you have about a convention are addressing power that our corrupt and ineffective US congress has NOW

  • The "runaway" 1787 convention is not precedent for a convention of the states as no one was bound by the constitution at that time, it didn't exist.

Follow the money:  "Opening up the constitution" is a phrase coined and perpetuated by the John Birch Society, which was founded by the father of the Koch Brothers.  Our other notable opponent is democrat leaning lobbyist-dependent organizations like Common Cause.  Most of their funding comes from George Soros and goes to lobbyists.  While they claim it is their prime goal, Common Cause has been ineffective in instituting any campaign finance reform in the 48 years they've existed. 

The Article V Convention process is our only constitutional check on an unresponsive Congress and Supreme Court. Our founders intended for the States to be co-equal with Congress in proposing amendments to our Constitution, and called them to do it. We cannot risk undermining this fundamental balance of power by handing over exclusive power to Congress when democracy is at stake. 

To attack the process of an Article V convention is to attack the Constitution itself. This prospect destabilizes the foundation of our democratic republic. This is why we encourage everyone to debate Article V Convention applications based on the merits of the subject matter of the application alone.

And let’s remember: Democrats have held both chambers in Congress without fixing this issue; Republicans have held both chambers in Congress without fixing this issue.

Please help to address the corrupting influence of money in politics by using the most potent tool we have to hold our federal government accountable to we the people once again, this has never been more urgent

  • Friends and loved ones are being sent overseas to suffer or die for the oil interests and military industrial complex.

  • Families and the elderly are being denied health care and overcharged for needed medication because of insurance and pharmaceutical lobbying.

  •  Corporations are seeing 21,000 % RoI on campaign contributions, while the majority of Americans' interests are ignored or undermined

  • Even members of congress have asked to be 'freed from fundraising', as they spend 30-75% of their time trying to raise money.

 Princeton and Northwestern Universities have determined that the United states is now an oligarchy. I pledged allegiance to a republic. This happened on our watch, it is our responsibility to fix it. You have the opportunity to be a hero to this country, we need you to be part of the solution.  PLEASE help pass this bill, it costs the state nothing, is politically safe as over 80% of Americans support the issue, and would be an easy pass.

Pass SJM8000, lives are on the line  


Questions, comments, requests? contactus@wawolfpac.org