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1/23/18: We're hard into the middle of session and there are some important things Washington State residents can do RIGHT NOW to help end the campaign industrial complex. Our republic continues to be eroded into oligarchy it gets worse every day, average Americans are losing ground to special interests and our mission becomes increasingly urgent. So lets do this while we still can:

  1. If you don't know already, find out who your three legislators are (legislative not congressional)

  2. Call and/or e-mail each of them, tell them to please help pass SJM8000 or HJM4003. Tell them campaign finance reform is very important to you, we all have our own stories as to why.
    Tip: If you use the e-mail form on the site, it will flag you as a constituent and the legislature will be sure to get it!

  3. Sign up to the Google Group or Wolf PAC national to get e-mail updates or check back here every couple of days, session is IN and bill status can change fast.


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Assembly of State Legislators rules for a convention (PDF)

Department of Justice Report on Article V (PDF)

Rep. Magendanz (R) 2016 House floor

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